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UWOUND is a medical and rehabilitation practice dealing with complicated wounds, venous health, sport rehabilitation and recovery. The practice was found by Sr Hybre Gerber, a youthful professional nurse who completed her BCur degree at the University of Pretoria and gained experience in numerous of health care settings. 

At UWOUND we make use of state of the art technology in conjunction with our expertise to make your recovery journey as enjoyable as possible.

We acknowledge that each patient has a different approach  and therefore you can rest assured knowing that we are flexible and adaptable. 

We talk results (UWOUND Advanced Wound Care Practice)

We talk results (UWOUND Rehabilitation Practice)

Vacumed session Intermittent Negative Pressure Increase blood circulation and formation of new branches Venous return Lymphatic drainage Neural Stimulation

  • Category: Vacumed Session (UWOUND REHAB)
  • Service Duration: 40 Minutes
  • Address: 26 Lynnwood Road, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa (Map)
  • More Info: Loftus Stadium (South) Entrance 5 Floor 1 Room 8
  • Price:R450


UWOUND @rehab

Our rehabilitation practice make use of advance space technology namely the Vacumed to aid in your recovery journey. Vacumed session offers intermittent negative and positive pressure to the lower limbs operating as an external heart and increasing venous reflux, lymph drainage, blood circulation and formation of new vessel branches. #recovery #bloodsupply #lymphdrainage #rehab #sportinjuries #woundcare #venousreturn

Facial ulcerations


Pressure ulcer stage 4

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Diabetic Foot Ulceration


  • 26 Lynnwood Road, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa

Please take note we work by appointment only